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Digital and Litho printing with optional custom print finishing such as foiling, embossing, debossing, die cutting, scoring, folding and much more for all your packaging, flyers, business cards, box printing and brochure needs!

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We are not just normal printers, we print, manufacture and do custom printing jobs like box printing, packaging, foiling, embossing and so much more


Print Specials valid for Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town only.

Printing of Flyers & Pamphlets. Where printing quality and low price meet! If you need printing of cheap flyers with great quality Pyramid Litho Printers is the place to call for all your printing needs. We print and deliver to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and much more!

Pyramid Litho Printers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town. Printing for South Africa. Print Flyers, brochures, folders, books, magazines, notepads, pamphlets, vouchers, leaflets, Business cards


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Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town companies as well as small business areas are now benefiting from cheaper printing rates and faster print run turnaround time from Pyramid Litho Printers.

The majority of our clients companies and business are based in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Not only are they getting good quality printed products at an incredible rate, but all Johannesburg and Pretoria clients are able to get faster turnaround time from Pyramid Litho Printers! Low rates, fast service, exceptional print quality and most important, reliability, what are you getting from your current printers...

Johanneburg & Pretoria Specials

Are you based in Johannesburg or Pretoria?

Than these specials are just for you!

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Free design and Delivery to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town areas! 

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Metalic Litho Printing

Pyramid Litho Printers has helped many Johannesburg,Pretoria and Cape Town companies to grow there business by assisting them with eye catching designs and jaw dropping printing quality. Our printers also do metalic printing for those companies that want to make their printing stand out. Metalic printing is not for everyone though as using metalic inks is often expensive, but for the Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town companies that use printing as a marketing tool, metalic printing is definitely the most eye catching and effective marketing tool. As Litho Printers there are unfortunately minimum printing quantities when it comes to metalic printing, but when something looks this good you will soon realize that you ordered too little...

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Pyramid Litho Printers is a litho printing company that prints for the whole of South Africa from Cape Town right up to Johannesburg and Pretoria. We are expert printers that see litho printing as an art, all printers on duty have been put through our quality control and industrial litho printing training program and each printer prints a run as if his own order where on the print run. Our super fast and professional courier companies are able to deliver your freshly printed order the same day or next business day depending on which you would prefer. We strive to be the best printers in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our company is well known for print quality and price. When it comes to matching service, price and advise we are the company you should consider. So why delay... Order your Litho Printing today...


Specializing in:

• High Volume Litho & Web Printing

• Magazine printing

• Brochure printing

• Newspaper & magazine inserts

• Pamphlet & Flyer printing

Business card printing

• Envelope printing

• Letterhead printing

• Security Printing

• Booklets & hard cover books

• Duplicate & triplicate books

• Dr’s prescription books 

Note pad printing

• Product branding

• Packaging & package design

• Custom print jobs

• Custom sign jobs

• Clothing embroidery

• Labels - small & large quantities

• Banners & A frames

• Sign boards & road signs

• Repair & maintenance of signage

• Neon signs

• Light boxes

• Die cut metal or Perspex signage and much more…

Printers that do both Litho Printing & Digital Printing

Our main line as industrial printers is Litho Printing which often involves minimum printing quantities, but we are able to accommodate all Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town companies with small quantities by offering them in-house digital printing as well as litho printing options. Our digital printers enable us to do small quantities for companies. Digital printing involves printing with digital printers that use toner and not wet ink. When printing digitally we are able to print any size from A6 up to A0, like the printing of a small quantity of flyers or posters. However the printing quality can not be compared to the quality of Litho Printing as litho printing gives exceptional photo quality in comparison. We advise our clients to steer away from digital printing as we do not condone the quality and outrageous pricing., rather increase the quantity and go for litho printing. Pyramid Litho Printers is always willing to advise you on the best print advise for your needs, so take advantage and talk to us first before making a decision... 

Request a quote on Digital Printing here

Pyramid Litho Printers 

This printing company was built on four words: 




Pyramid Litho Printers gives all our clients a quality guarantee as well as advising them on the best printing methods and print products to best assist with their marketing needs. We firmly believe that money which is hard earned should be money well spent. At Pyramid Litho printers we don't just do litho printing but give you value for money. 

We at Pyramid Litho Printers, like to see our clients returning time and time again no matter

how big or small you might order. We have a loyalty program in place for all our regular clients

which receive discounted rates on a constant basis as well as job priority listings and bonus packages. Click here to see our clients who receive discount on all their printing requirements. Do you wnt discount on all your printing orders? Order your printing now and you could be listed on our discount clients page!

We welcome your business and hope to have you on board for many years to come...

Want to learn about Litho Printing?

Pyramid Litho Printers would like to make this knowledge available to everyone so even if you don't order by us, you can go back to your printers and shock them with your knowledge and you will immediatly pick up when the printers are talking nonsense to you. 

We have made a whole page on how the litho process works which helps explain how we get awesome results.

Click here to view page

The Litho process is a more cost effective way of printing in comparison to the digital process. Digital printing is for small print quantities and litho printing is often used for medium to high volume quantities. The Litho process is a better printing method when quality is concerned. Please keep in mind that the page on Litho printing is just a basic of how litho printers work, each printer or machine will differ.

Free Design & Delivery to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town Areas

Commercial printers that design & deliver for FREE?

Yes, you read right! Not only will we give you exceptional quality printing when you order with Pyramid Litho Printers, but we will design & deliver FREE OF CHARGE for you if you are situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town. 

* Order must be over R1000

* Free Delivery for Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town areas only

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