Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the most important issue before even thinking about printing. One must always keep in mind that you are about to give your printed product to a potential client and this printed product has your company name on it. Would you feel proud if you gave a potential customer a voucher, brochure, catalogue or even a card that has been printed in one colour and is only text and one colour photos? A great design can make even a one colour brochure look attracting, but without a good design it is just a piece of paper with some ink. Graphic Designers are one of the most important people in the printing industry and this is why they are so expensive. 

If you are hiring a private or freelance designer always request a portfolio so you can see if they are worth the money. To recognize a good design you will see the usage of many colour masks and the usage of pantone colours combined with fading and transparency in the image. A good designer will not be scared to make bright vibrant colourfull designs, novice designers often make one or two colour designs with a lot of "nitty gritty" nonsense like curls, spirals, leaves and circles. A good design will give off the following "crisp, clean and bold" many designers are under the impression that the more "nitty gritty" and the busier the design looks, the better it is. 

In a print design, it will take your potential customer 5 seconds to understand exactly what you are all about, after 5 seconds your client will either lose interest and throw the card or brochure away and forget you exist or he will remember your company by the simple crisp, clean, professional design and give you a call...